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I think it is failure due to the fact that Nigeria ought to have developed more than this in the sense of security, economy and political stability. I don’t think this country has any aspect of development ever since everything is getting worse every day. Human right is lost, it is even better to be ruled by the military government instead of this democratic government we find ourselves. SIDEEQAH LAWAL,TEE,300LEVEL

Nigeria has never practised democracy for once; ideally, democracy should be based on equality. Civilian governments have not been able to address the problem of the masses. The country is battling with insecurity, political stability and we are still talking about democracy.OLOYINDE BALQIS,TEE,300LEVEL.

With the situation in Nigeria, there is no doubt that 14 years of Nigeria democracy has recorded few successes.Indeed,its failures outweigh its successes because most of the principle of democracy such as equality before the law and respect for the fundamental human rights have been greatly undermined. For how long are we going to talk about infant democracy, to be frank, 14 years is enough to have positive change provided that Nigerian leaders are sincere. OLADOSU SAHEED OLAJIDE,M.A. HISTORY

Well, to me democracy of Nigeria in fourteen years was not a failure because Nigeria has made little progress although I know that some people will make complaint that there is no improvement but we have to understand the wise saying that ‘Rome is not built in a day.’ I am optimistic that Nigeria would become a beautiful place like London and other developed countries. All what is needed to keep praying.ABIOYE WAHEED

The problem with Nigeria Democracy is bad managers although 14 years of Nigeria democracy is not a real failure but a subset of failure.WARIS A. ADEBISI,CIVIL ENGINEERING 300LEVEL.

Well, looking back to the military era, one cannot categorically state that Nigeria’s democratic experiment has been a total failure. There are superficial gains like the freedom of expression, opportunities to elect leaders though our votes are still not fully respected. It is not yet uhuru and equally not a total failure. HASSAN ABBAS(AQUACULTURE& FISHERIES,MSC.

Democracy! First and foremost, what is democracy? It is but a man-made principle which lack divinity and as such is prone to fail especially in a country like Nigeria. A country which lack adequate planning and consist of citizens that care less about one another. Democracy is said to be government of the people but 14 years of its practice recorded little achievement.However,it has given us a free hand to engage in profitable activities but it has brought adverse effect to Nigeria by giving us leaders who fail to lead well and as such many Nigerians demonstrate craziness.KAMALDEEN ADETONA,CHAIRMAN RAMADAN PLANNING COMMITTEE.

In reality, the celebration of Nigeria Democracy is nothing to write home about because when we talk of democracy, the people opinion is given priority but the reverse is the case when we talk of Nigeria. As a matter of fact, celebrating Nigerian democracy is worthless, the fund allocated for celebration can be used on some tangible projects. I even want to ask, if the level of unemployment or the political crises are worth being joyous for? We need to make hay while the sun shines. To be candid, Democracy in Nigeria is nothing but absolute failure. AGBAJE KHADEEJAH A.TEE 300LEVEL.

The 14 years of Nigeria’s democracy cannot be said to be a total failure, as believe in some quarters it is not a success. There are some areas which Nigeria has done well while there are some which we need to improve on. It is equally worth mentioning that the only thing that can make Nigeria’s democracy a complete success in the year to come is ‘corruption eradication’. Honestly, if this can be kept at barest minimum, every other thing shall be put in place: be it solution to the activities of the insurgents like Boko Haram, ethnic insurgents like Niger-Delta Militancy, Electoral Malpractices and others. Peace to our Nation. OLADAPO MISBAUDEEN(Arinobe) MSC ECONOMICS.

The question depend on individual perspective, in my own view, I will say it is retrogression. Is it security, political or economic aspect we want to view it? All these are retrogression and not progression. We are the enemies of ourselves. I will refer you to French Philosophers who said: ‘We have found the enemies- It is us’ .ADEGBITE LATIF, PHYSIOLOGY 400LEVEL.



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Hope is very important in the life of good Muslims. There are various set of people with no ambition, determination and courage to run the race of life. There are some who are courageous, dedicated and committed to withstand the challenges of life. These people are hardworking, led by God and hopeful for success irrespective of the current difficulty. Hope is something in that includes two things, good or bad, happiness or sadness, love or hatred. The main force that drives these phenomena is ‘DESTINY’. Destiny constitutes blue print which was decreed by our creator about the template through which our lives is operated. We should always believe destiny and hope for Allah’s mercy and also see trial as the will of Allah. Our thinking should not deviate from what Allah and his apostle directs us on the concept of destiny.

             Coming to this world is like an enrolment into the military. Our childhood is full of struggles. We all struggle to express ourselves, struggle to crawl, struggle more to the period of toddling. And likewise the battles for freedom are like training of the military. Our crawling makes us step on stone, yet the battle continues, and our periods of toddling more so makes us step on broken bottle, still the battle continues, until we remain stand firm. In questing for freedom a colossal and magnificent war which everyone is facing in day in day out, it is paramount for us not to be overthrown by fear and machination of the devil.

            Now we are of age and have challenges of life ahead. We need not to relent or coward as we are bound to accomplish our goal so long we rely on Allah. It  is a great achievement  for one to be a muslim as this serve as ticket to the success of  this life and the hereafter. All what is take to achieve success is to let Islam radiate in one’s life. As Muslim; one is duty bound submissive to the will of Allah. As islamis  citadel of research . We must be ambassadors of Islam both in our speech and character. Doing this open the gates of paradise and close the gates of hell for us. Less I forget, muslims also owe it as duty to be friendly and compassionate to non-Muslims as this go a long way in marketing Islam to unbelievers. Remember that we come to university with the certain hope, as I said earlier; our aim is to succeed in our academic sojourn and life after campus which transcends our imagination.


HOPE: INGREDIENT OF SUCCESS.Hope is very important in


BismillahAr- RahmanAr- Raheem

Memo to Muslims

And mankind is he who purchases idle discussion

Music, singing misleads from the right path

Worse still people take it by way mockery

They turn deaf ear to the prophets

For such fellows,

There await a humiliating torment.

Join them not in worshiping others with Allah.

And accept not any prophet after Muhammad (SAW)

Because he is the seal of prophet

Bringing the Qur’an and his divine tread

And we have enjoined man duties to his parent

They have bore you through hardship

Obey them not only if they… 

Enjoin you to go against Allah

But behave kindly to them

Promote Al-Marufand forbid Al-Munkar


Oh mankind be afraid of your lord

Fear the day you who feel lonely in your grave

So remember Solat

Join them not in placing other Ibadah above solat

And enjoin others to pray

Fast so as to earn the Rahma of Allah

 Pay your Zakat because it’s an obligation

That determines your success

In this world and that of beyond

Go to Hajj if you‘ve got the means

But not by crook means

Hold your lord in high esteem

And be careful of extremism. Because it lead to the pit hell. 


 BismillahAr- RahmanAr- RaheemMemo to MuslimsAnd mankind is he


In our contemporary society, numerous forms of women abuse had prevailed; display of naked or half naked female body on media both prints and electronics, free inter-sex relation and the wide spread of prostitution in the name of “sex work”. All these and more that render female body like any inanimate object to display and sell, or buy and enjoy are unislamic, crime against human value and an utter disrespect to the dignity of women. Hence, it sounds ludicrous and absolutely nonsensical when people point their fingers at the Islamic practice of “Mahr” to lay blame on the noble ideology of Islam in this regard.

Before explaining the issue of Mahr from Islamic view point, let us see how the west and the secularist have spread the wrong impression about Mahr and Muslim women. They term Mahr as a payment for the female body and thus pull the wool over people’s eyes in their effort to misrepresent the Islamic system of Mahr. In doing this, they usually pick a Muslim dominated territory where some people manipulate the system of Mahr to satisfy their lust for sex and money.

Commenting on the Arab world, the Danish writer Jorgen Bisch says:”In Arabian Peninsula, a man of honour pays fairly and squarely for each of wife he acquires. But there are differences in the prices that he pays. A black woman (a Sudanese) costs from thirty-five to five hundred pounds. A Saudi Arabian girl, on the other hand, may well cost a thousand.” (Behind the Veil of Arabian Translated from the Danish by-Reginald Spink;1962)

Perhaps,Jogen Bisch’s perception of Mahr has been influenced by the dark history of European women because there was a time (in the recent history) in Europe when people used to sell their wives in the open market as it is expressed in the famous novel “The Mayor of Caster bridge” by Thomas Hardy. Such selling has now been stopped in Europe although the same thing is happening in a different method e.g. adverts, prostitution, etc. Being an European it is difficult for Jorgen Bisch to appreciate the Islamic system of Mahr and this is why he equates Mahr with “payment*’ and we feel pity for such narrow attitude of the writer.

It may happen in our societies that some unscrupulous fathers exploit their own daughters and enjoy their marital gift, which in Islam is considered a serious offence from the part of the father. In this respect, the secularist Egyptian feminist Nawal El Sadawi’s says,

“For decision-making in marriage is still largely a family matter and most fathers are still prepared to sell their daughters into wedlock for a good price. Parental authority is shamefully misused when the matter concerns daughters. The Arab family being highly patriarchal, both socially and legally, the authority of the father over his daughters is absolute. In the name of a good marriage, young girls are given to old decrepit husbands just because they can pay a big price. (The Hidden Face of Eve: Women in the Arab World; Translated and edited by Dr Sherif Hetata).

Whether such practice, as the writer hinted, is pervasive or rare is a matter of investigation. But Islam does not support such malpractice of the father or any guardians. When AbdurRahman Doi  compares, he said: “Mahr is not like the Africa custom of giving a bride-price (Owo-oriIyawo) since marriage in Islam is not sale of a girl to a husband. It also differs from the old European system of dowry in which the father used to give his daughter a heavy dowry at the time of her marriage which became the property of the husband, as if it was an inducement to him to marry the girl. The same is the practice among the Christians and Hindus in Kerala and other parts of India where the fathers are required to pay very heavy dowries to find suitable husbands for their daughters. In the Jahiliyyah   society of the Arabs, Mahr was considered as the property of the guardian of a girl”

The Qur’an says about it:”And give the women (on marriage) their dower as a free gift; but if they, of their own good pleasure, remit any part of it to you, Take it and enjoy it with right good cheer.” (4:4).

The very tone of the verse says what Islam means by Mahr (dower). Allah (SWT)names it “gift” not “price” and, in Islam, the husband does not give it with displeasure,rather in a cheerful mood. The wife takes it in the same way and, in most cases; she shares it with her husband. Does it happen in the case of selling and buying? It is simply a sign of wish from the part of husband to marry as well as a symbol of love forhis would-be wife.

Commenting on the verse Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi says, ‘The expression “with a good heart” signifies the dower as a gift and is not a price or in return for the pleasure he gets from her, as some people have insisted.’ (The Status of Women in Islam; tr. Sheikh Mohammed Gemeaah; Cairo, 1997)

The marital gift from the husband cannot be termed as a return for the pleasure he get for a very understandable reason. Because the marital pleasure (of all kinds) is shared by both husband and wife. Both of them enjoy mutual love and harmony as Allah

(SWT) says,

“And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect.” (30:21).

The following verse establishes the point of mutual benefit of the spouses in marital bond in a more emphatic way: “How can you take it (Mahr) back after one of you has gone in unto the other….?” (4:21). So Mahr cannot be a return from husband for the pleasures he enjoys.

This financial obligation of Mahr on the husband is also a harness on him that wil lprevent him from deserting his wife and marrying new wives in every first opportunity.It works as a financial restraint on the husband, which will prevent him from misusing his right to divorce as well. Because if the dower is in arrears, then he has to pay it at the time of divorce;and if it is already paid, he has to pay again when he marries another woman. So a man will take this financial risk only when he is really serious to divorce his wife on reasonable Islamic grounds.

Mahr (marital gift) is absolutely the property of wife. Her father or any other relative cannot demand it or seize it to enjoy without her permission. In Islam, neither father nor anyone else is the owner of the bride. Allah is the Creator of the entire universe and human beings as well. So He is the Supreme Owner of everything including the human being. So, on which ground can a father point his hungry eye to the Mahr of his daughter?

Mahr is one of the preconditions of the validity of marriage, so, it must be properly handled.                       

Abu Barrudeen.



What concerns Adh-dhikr is not about May 29thDemocracy Day or 14 years of uninterrupted democratic transition in Nigeria but its priority is how fare have the civilian administrations been able to better the lot of Nigerians and address the socio-economic problems ravaging the so called giant of Africa since 1999 till date.

It is true that the incursion of military into the Nigeria Political system has dealt a great blow to the orderliness of political terrain in the country but it is not an excuse for the 14 year of unceasing democracy as it is currently celebrated to serve as a lee way to cover up the plethora of failures and excesses of civilian administration.

Power Sector for instance has  recorded  a 10% achievement showing how dedicated and  committed the administration of former President Olusegun Obasanjo,Late Umar Musa Yar’dua and  the incumbent President Jonathan address the  power failure  which the  successive military administration unable to  make a breakthrough. All what dominates the media is increase provision of megawatt which we are yet to see it practicable result. The industrialization state in Nigeria is at the doldrums telling us the sinking state by which most industries are leaving the country to neighbouring countries as a result of the electricity problem in Nigeria- a good development to be pointed at during Democracy Day Celebration.

The educational system has remained porous showcasing the failure of any of the Nigerian University to be rated or included among 1000 best universities in the whole world. Only God knows whether the Federal government is fetching water in to the basket. In agricultural sector, Nigerians are rated as guinea pigs for the Chinese tractors in terms of rice consumptions. Health sector is also battling with its agony with the sorry status of the nation health institutions accounting for the travelling of highly placed Nigerians to overseas in order to receive good medical attention. For the anti-corruption war, it is only a defeated battle for those in the corridor of power as the rule of law is selectively applied to the whims and caprices of the government of the day.

The endless rate of ethno-religious  crises starting from Ife-Modakekecrisis, Kano Kaduna killings,Jos Crisis, Niger-Delta militancy to the present Boko haram killings which has necessitated declaration of emergency in some northern states is a feat to behold on the state of insecurity in Nigeria.

However, one will remain subjective if one failed to be identified with the telecommunication revolution and its giant stride which has bridged the gap between the rich and poor coupled with increased accessibility and affordability of information to the door step of many Nigerians.

With all these pluses or minuses, it is not in our editorial policy to apportion blame to the civilian governments since 1999, what we are saying is that the present crop of leaders should go back to the drawing board, identify some of their weaknesses and fashion out a practical solution that will give them a clue rather than chasing shadow.

EDITORIALWhat concerns Adh-dhikr is not about May 29thDemocracy


The world children’s day is established on the 20th of November, 1954 to protect children from having to work long hours in unsafe conditions and allow all children to have access to learning, the UN General Assembly recommended that all countries should establish a Universal Children’s Day on an “appropriate” day. World Children Day is celebrated every year in commemorating of children and also as an annual and global fundraising platform for benefiting branches of Ronald McDonald House Charities around the world. Today, World Children’s Day is celebrated in more than 100 countries.

As Nigerian children celebrate the 2013 Children’s Day 0n Monday,27th of May, it is sad to note that over 40 per cent of them will celebrate on the street; without access to basic education as economic and socio-cultural factors keep over 10.1 million of the 35.6 million aged between six and fourteen, out of schools. The sad development is a total deviation of world children’sday philosophy.

According to a report on out-of-school children (OOSC) jointly anchored by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), United Nations Institute of Statistics (UIS) and the Federal Ministry of Education for the University Basic Education Commission (UBEC)which was presented in 2011, there is an increase in the number of OOSC.

While 12,531,414 boys and 12,130,673 girls aged six to 11 ought to be in primary schools, 3,932,679 (32.4 per cent) of the boys and girls respectively, are not in school. This meant that of 24,662,087 children, 7,298,817 were not receiving formal education in the country three years ago.  All this breakdown shows that the factors that kept the children out of school were grouped into economic, socio-cultural and supply side barriers and bottlenecks. Government and political influence, especially in the capacity of government to implement education policies as well as politicization of basic education, equally affected the magnitude of children’s population.

Proffering solutions to the scourge, government was tasked to scale up existing conditional cash transfer to alleviate poverty in families linked to their enrolling children in schools; revive the school feeding programme or institute commodity voucher scheme for  extremely poor families, enhance tax relief for low income earners, and adoption of child-friendly school initiatives must be undertaken

By: ONI MUHAMMAD,100 Level History.

CHILDREN’S DAYThe world children’s day is established on